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• Sanibel Island Real Estate

Have you ever… dreamed of being on a tropical island, your toes in the soft white sand, an expansive beach, swaying coconut palms, lush tropical foliage and beautiful crystal blue water. Imagine watching the pelicans and herons fish for their dinner, collecting “treasures from the sea,” pastel colored seashells, while the sandpipers scurry along the surfs edge.

Sanibel is one of the unique barrier islands of the world, having an east-west orientation when most islands are north-south. Hence, the island is gifted with great sandy beaches and an abundance of shells, winning awards for being the best shelling beach and one of the best beaches in Florida. USAToday has ranked shelling on Sanibel Island is ranked 7th for Best Florida Attractions and Sanibel Island as One of the Ten Top Places to Escape the Snow.

A true Florida treasure, Sanibel Island and Captiva are home to miles of sugar sand shell filled beaches, unique native wildlife and sea life. The residents of Sanibel Island are passionate about “keeping Sanibel… Sanibel.” This means allowing Sanibel Island to thrive naturally.

In 2000, the median value of a Sanibel Island home was approximately $385,000. In 2011, the median home value was almost $515,000. Clearly, Sanibel Island real estate has a lot to offer – especially when the median real estate value for a home in Florida is $150,000.